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Leasing request: how to get better conditions?

Finding the right partner for a leasing is not always easy, whether for private leasing or for an independent / SME leasing. How to make a leasing request to bet better conditions? Explanation.

Leasing request

Choose the right provider

Regarding leasing, Swiss consumers are not used to request several offers from companies, and, thus, to compare propositions. In the case of private leasing (vehicle leasing), the purchaser generally follows the proposal of the vehicle dealer. In the case of an independant / SME leasing (equipment or machine acquisition), there are only a few dealers on the market. All too often, the purchaser simply accepts the first proposal and does not look for a more satisfying alternative. Considering that the cost of a leasing can vary a lot from one offer to another, that’s a shame not to search for a more advantageous solution.

Private leasing

Private leasing concerns primarily vehicles purchase (car, moto, …). It is generally the vehicle dealer, which is working with financial institutions, who propose the leasing solution. However, is is also possible to choose any other leasing alternative. It is possible possible do make several requests and compare offerts in order to select the best one.

Independent / SME leasing

For small and medium businesses, or independent people, a leasing is a flexible solution allowing to finance any production tool, hardware, vehicle, or even commercial premises. The costs are expensive, and the amount of money involved is substantial, and thus it is important to compare offers. From one proposal to another, the cost can vary a lot. The main difficulty for the purchaser is to find the right leasing partner. Asking a broker can be a good solution.

Leasing request: ask a broker

Some brokers in Switzerland also offer their services as leasing broker. For example, PrestaFlex offers leasing solutions for both individuals and SME. If you ask a broker, you will benefit from several advantages:

  • The broker will help you for any administrative paperwork, and will take your case in charge.
  • The broker, with it’s experience, will know whom to adress your leasing request, and will compare offers to find the most economical solution.
  • The broker is a neutral contact you can call on if you need to, or if you need further information.

As usual, it is important to have a reliable contact for your leasing request. In particular, a trustful broker will never charge fees for it’s work. Indeed, the broker is paid through commissions.