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Independant leasing: a financial alternative

Widespread solution for a vehicle acquisition, leasing can also be an effective way to finance production tools for independant people. Indeed, this method has many benefits in terms of cost and flexbility. Explanation.

Leasing for independant people: a less known solution

How does independant leasing work?

This kind of leasing is very similar to individual leasing, except that the financed good is intended for professional use. This solution consists of finding a bank or financial institution who will be in charge of buying the asset. The applicant shall freely use it for a monthly cost reflecting:

  • The paid intestest
  • The depreciation of the asset

The contract generally has a period of many years, with a possibility of extensions. At the end, it is also possible to buy the leased object at the residual value cost.

Why this solution?

Independants sometimes have infrastructure or equipement requirements, which can involve substantial amounts of funds. It can be an agricultural vehicle, medical devices, specific machinery, etc. It is even possible to finance printers with a leasing! For independant people, this is a flexible solution to:

  • Acquire any production tool without the need of funding it.
  • Renew its equipment on a regular basis.
  • Keep its financial provision for other projects.

The cost

The cost depends on a number of factors, and only a leasing specialist will be able to make a precise evaluation of the montly amount to pay. Indeed, this amount depends on:

  • The total cost of the financed good.
  • The type of asset and estimated depreciation over time.
  • The contract duration.
  • The interest rate.

It is always possible to ask a specialist for a free offer. For example, Multicredit propose various solutions to finance businesses and the possibility to ask for a free analysis of your project.

Who is it for?

The acquisition and leasing of production goods is a solution for independants, SME and larger companies as well. There are usually no restriction as long as the financed assed is used for business. For example, it can be vehicles, IT equipment, construction machines, … Estate leasing is also possible, although less frequent.