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Leasing calculatour: our simulation tool

Do you know how much your future vehicle leasing would cost? Discover our leasing simulator. With this simple tool, estimate the monthly charge linked to your leasing!

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A widespread product

If a leasing is well know for vehicle financing, this product also allows to finance any productive asset for SME and independent. While this solution is know by everyone, the monthly cost is rarely estimated. It’s usually the fault of not very intuitiev calculations. In order to help you calculate those costs, our leasing simulator is a simple to use tool.

Calculation basis

In order to get the best estimation for your future leasing, it is important to fill in the simulator with the most accurate information possible:

  • Total price: it is the purchase price of asset or vehicle (accessories included)
  • Interest rate: this one varies globally from 2% to 6%. A higher purchase price generally gives a lower rate.
  • Contract duration: usually from 36 to 84 months
  • Residual value: the value of the asset or vehicle once the contract is over. This one depends on the depreciation of the price.

Simulate your leasing!

Total price:
Interest rate: (%)
Contract duration:
Residual value:
Your monthly bill:

A more accurate leasing simulation

In order to get a real estimation of your future leasing, the best is to ask the help of a specialist. This one will indeed know the specific interest rate you could get for a leasing, as well as the residual value to expect after the contract duration. In case of need, the following companies offer some specific advise:

  • leasing alternatives and loan comparison for vehicles acquisition
  • a company specialized in solutions for SME (leasings, loan, and other financial products)

A concrete example

A new vehicle costs 20,000 Chf. The leasee wiches a 4 years contract. The residual value is around 12’000 Chf, with a 8’000 price depreciation over 4 years. For a 3.25% interest rate, the vehicle leasing will cost around 210 Chf / month. It is true that the monthly cost is advantageous, but it will be necessary to buy the vehicle after 4 years, which involves quite a high cost.